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Music quiz with Pipistrello

Anders “Pipistrello” Rönnefors from radio station Mix Megapol will guide you through questions such as what songs are being played, intros, movie themes and common denominators. Our very own chef Erik Dahl is not only masterful when it comes to preparing food; he has also written this quiz with varying, fun and light-hearted questions for all ages.

Music quiz with Frida

For the fourth year in a row, she is leading our popular quiz featuring the categories music, movies and TV. A quiz for everyone! The quiz is split into two rounds; part one is decade-themed from the 60s to 2010, and part 2 includes assorted questions. Frida has been everything from a musician and choreographer to a costume designer and producer. She has worked in entertainment, events and quizzes all over Sweden and Europe since the late 90s.

Live podcast with Lester

Summer Fridays are live podcast nights with Lester, who has invited a variety of fun and fascinating guests. This is Gothenburg humour at its best.